We employ an extremely skilled and talented team with strong scientific competence and expertise in analytical technologies (LC/MS and NMR), in order to guarantee high scientific and technical data quality for our customers.

Dr. Ari Tolonen

CEO & Senior Scientist Metabolism

Dr. Ari Tolonen

Dr. Ari Tolonen has more than 15 years of experience as a head of ADME CRO laboratory, with a top expertise in drug metabolism, drug-drug-interactions, metabolite identification & profiling, and quantitative bioanalysis. During his career Ari has planned & directed more than 2000 ADME studies to >200 customer companies. He has contributed >60 peer reviewed scientific papers, review articles & book chapters.

Dr. Aki Heikkinen

Senior Scientist Drug-Drug Interactions and PBPK

Dr. Aki Heikkinen has worked in the pharma industry in Switzerland as a Roche Postdoc Fellow and has also gained several years of experience in drug research in academic settings. His expertise lies in in vitro to in vivo extrapolation, physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling (PBPK), and transporter and metabolism based drug-drug interactions (DDI). Aki has contributed to >20 peer reviewed research, review articles and book chapters.

Dr. Sanna-Mari Aatsinki

Senior Scientist in vitro Toxicology

Dr. Sanna-Mari Aatsinki has several years of experience in research related to hepatic energy metabolism, mitochondrial function and toxicity. She also has knowledge on the regulation of drug-metabolising CYP enzymes and drug-drug interactions. Her expertise lies within various cell-based assays and mRNA analysis techniques. She has contributed to many peer reviewed scientific papers in these fields.

Dr. Janne Mannila

Senior Scientist Permeability and in vivo DMPK

Dr. Janne Mannila has an extensive knowledge in the field of in vivo and in vitro pharmacokinetics as well as preclinical formulation design and permeability studies. He joined Admescope after an eight year period in Australia at another preclinical CRO. Janne has contributed to >15 peer reviewed research papers, book chapters and international patents.

Valtteri Rinne

Senior Scientist Bioanalysis

Valtteri Rinne has been involved in early phase drug discovery for over a decade. His savoir-faire ranges from synthetic rational drug design to preclinical bioanalysis as a result from working in prominent academic research groups across Europe and overseas. Valtteri joined Admescope after working several years as a certified GLP principal investigator in a preclinical CRO. In addition to bioanalytics, his core responsibilities also include binding experiments and physicochemical studies.

Dr. Minna Komu

Business Development Manager

Dr. Minna Komu’s scientific background is in different research groups in Finland and USA. She has also contributed to many peer reviewed scientific research and review articles, including publications in several high-profile journals, such as Nature. Minna's expertise lies in various cell-based assays, organ culture, mRNA analysis techniques and in vivo work.

Juho Alatalo

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Juho Alatalo kuva

Juho Alatalo has over 15 years’ experience of international sales and marketing across different industries. His educational background is in Economics, from which he holds a Master’s degree in Marketing. Juho joined Admescope upon his return from an expatriate assignment in Berlin, Germany, where he was stationed as the business director for Siili Solutions, a Finnish software company. He has also previously worked for Pfizer, contributing as a member of the Specialty Care Leadership team in Finland.

Jouni Jukka

Scientific Marketing Manager

Jouni Jukka holds a Master's degree in Pharmacy and has majored in biopharmaceutics. During his pharmacy studies he researched drug metabolism enzyme interactions and has contributed to a peer reviewed scientific article on the subject. Before joining Admescope, Jouni worked in pharmacies and hospitals.

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