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Our Custom Research services

In addition to our wide ADME-Tox service portfolio, we also offer ADME-Tox consultancy services and perform various different quantitative and qualitative custom analyses.

For the quantitative and qualitative custom analyses, we offer services like analytical method development and validation, and structural elucidation of process impurities or degradation products using LC/MS/MS and LC/HR-MS.

Our ADME-Tox consultancy services are designed to help drug discovery companies to save money and improve their projects. Our knowledgeable scientists have all the required experience and skills to guide you forward with your program. The consultancy process can be customised to fit your needs and timetable. We can, for example, help you with the evaluation of ADME needs required for your program, study planning & revision of study reports from other laboratories and combining information from various studies for a more complete picture. It is up to you, as everything can be customised!

Contact us for more information.