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Our services for Drug Interactions research

Evaluation of drug-drug interaction risk is an important part of drug safety evaluation required by the drug regulatory authorities. Both FDA and EMA guidelines for drug-drug interaction studies suggest that investigational drugs should be tested for their potential to inhibit or induce metabolic enzymes and drug transporters that are associated with clinically relevant drug-drug interactions. Additionally, the role of individual enzymes and transporters in metabolism and disposition of the investigational drugs should be characterized, in order to understand the potential for drug-drug interactions due to inhibition or induction of mechanisms dictating its pharmacokinetics.

Our services include enzyme phenotyping, clarifying the enzymes metabolizing the new chemical entity itself, and high quality assays for inhibition and induction of CYP and UGT, as well as inhibition towards some less common metabolizing enzymes, such as FMO, MAO, CES, AOX and NAT.