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Inhibition towards other Metabolising Enzymes

• FMO inhibition
• MAO inhibition
• NAT inhibition
• AOX inhibition
• CE inhibition
• CYP19A1 (aromatase) inhibition

Some compounds are not significantly metabolised by CYP or UGT enzymes and instead they can be metabolised by other enzymes, such as flavin containing mono-oxygenases (FMO), monoamine-oxidases (MAO), N-acetyltransferases (NAT), aldehyde oxidase (AOX) or carboxylesterases (CE). These enzymes can also be inhibited by drugs resulting in drug-drug interactions. Therefore, we offer inhibition studies towards these less common drug metabolising enzymes as part of our drug-drug interaction services. These assays are available using recombinant enzymes with specific substrates and several inhibitor concentrations, delivering IC50 values towards specific enzymes.