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Our services for HTS ADME research

High Throughput Screening (HTS) is a robust and useful tool for early phase drug discovery. It is utilised in hit-to-lead phase of the project, and enables screening of high number of compounds with a fast turn around time in a cost efficient manner. Our HTS ADME assays are conducted with liquid handling robotics to meet the high capacity needs.

Even the HTS assays can be modified to the preferred study set up. Depending on the assay and the exact protocol, throughput up to about 300 compounds a week can be achieved. The results are normally reported on a spreadsheet containing traffic-light classification of the values for easy overview, or alternative, we can adapt your in-house procedures and prepare an alternative reporting style. 

We can provide HTS ADME services in the areas of:

Metabolic stability
CYP inhibition
CYP induction
Permeability (Caco2)