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Our services for in vitro Metabolism research

Our core expertise and the origin of our services lie in drug metabolism studies. We offer high quality in vitro metabolism services to evaluate the metabolic fate of your compound in the liver and in extrahepatic tissues, such as intestine, kidney, lung or skin. Assays are optimized for metabolite identification and profiling or measuring in vitro clearance.

In vitro metabolism assays are performed using various available enzyme source, from multi-species hepatocytes to subcellular fractions and recombinant enzymes, with high quality analytical UPLC/HR-MS-instrumentation. Studies for screening reactive drug metabolites and evaluation of acyl-glucuronide conjugate reactivity are included, as well as elucidation of the enzymes involved in the metabolism of your compound (CYP/UGT/SULT/NAT/FMO/MAO/CE/ALDH/AOX/XO/AKR/CR). Also in vitro - in vivo extrapolation modelling is available.