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Our services for in vitro Toxicology research

Our in vitro toxicology services are designed to be incorporated in the drug discovery process at an early stage to help you with your internal decision making. The assays deliver consistent results cost-efficiently with low compound consumption for a high number of study compounds. The in vitro toxicology portfolio covers several assays for screening of cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, and cardiotoxicity, as well as assays to evaluate the mechanistic issues related to toxicity.

In addition to the toxicity screening assays mentioned above, we provide assays for screening of reactive drug metabolites and evaluation of reactivity of acyl-glucuronide metabolites which can be found under our in vitro metabolism studies, evaluation of BSEP transporter inhibition under Permeability and Transporters and also time-dependent inhibition studies of CYP-enzymes under drug interactions.