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Our services for in vivo DMPK research

Our in vivo drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) services cover a complete range of different animal studies in several species. We have in-house animal facilities to house mice and rats, and studies with other species are performed together with chosen in-life partners in Europe. The partner for each study is chosen based on the required animal species, sample collection requirements, and use of radiolabeled or non-labeled study compound. We manage the whole process for you; study planning, bioanalytical task (LC/MS/MS, LC/HR-MS, LC/radiodetection), pharmacokinetic calculations & evaluation and delivering all the results in report.

Also samples for bioanalytics and pharmacokinetic evaluation from animal work performed by the customer or their preferred in-life-site are welcome for us. These studies also often include identification of circulating or excreted metabolites, as well as evaluation of metabolites’ kinetics with respect the parent drug. All study types from assessment of early bioavailability and clearance to multilevel and multidose toxicokinetic experiments are routinely performed.