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Animal Pharmacokinetics

• In-house AAALAC accredited animal facilities to house mice and rats 
• Studies with other species are conducted with AAALAC accredited/GLP partner companies
• Single or repeated dosing (i.p., i.v., p.o., s.c., i.m.) 
• Single compound or cassette dosing

• Studies with small molecules, peptides and proteins
• Plasma sampling, tissue and CSF collection
• Metabolic cages

• Metabolite identification and profiling
• Bioanalysis by LC/MS/MS or UPLC/High-resolution-MS analysis
• On-line and off-line radiodetection
• Full pharmacokinetic evaluation using Phoenix® WinNonlin®

In in vivo DMPK studies, compounds are administered to rodents and samples collected over a pre-defined time period. The dosing regimen and sampling are designed according to the project needs and prior information available on the study compounds, and the concentration-time data can be summarised using non-compartmental analysis (NCA) or compartmental modelling. Several options are available for bioanalytics, and the methods are always optimised for the study compounds instead of using generic methods. Furthermore, when LC/HR-MS is used, the same data can be used later for metabolite identification and profiling

The experiments can be designed e.g. for initial PK screening of multiple compounds, in vivo BBB permeability or for more advanced PK profiling. Metabolic cages are available for investigating the excretion of the compound to urine and feces. Also radiolabelled compounds can be used. Reach out to us to discuss how we could help you.