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Caco-2 / MDCK Permeability

• Bi-directional Caco-2 / MDCK transport to screen for permeability and involvement of active transport
• Evaluation of gut wall permeability

The use of Caco-2 cells (human colon carcinoma cell line) has become the industry standard for investigation of permeation, as these cells endogenously express a variety of transporter proteins that are present in various endothelial and epithelial barriers of the body. In addition to Caco-2, we also provide MDCK (Madin Darby canine kidney cell line) assays for investigating permeation.

Caco-2 and MDCK assays are available as mono- and bidirectional, and in the presence or absence of pH gradient across the cell monolayer. These experiments are intended for evaluation of epithelial and endothelial permeability, intestinal absorption, and involvement of active transport. As a further investigation the efflux or uptake transporter(s) involved can be identified using chemical transporter inhibitors and/or transporter specific in vitro models.