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Our services for Physicochemistry and Binding research

Physicochemical parameters, such as solubility and lipophilicity, are used as first indicators of “drug-likeness” of a new chemical entity, with respect to absorption from the intestine. Information about these properties is also valuable when planning optimum conditions for other in vitro ADME assays.

Evaluation of binding and unbound fraction of the drug in various matrices (e.g. plasma, brain) is in a key role when it comes to distribution of the compound across biological membranes and its availability for metabolic processes. These are important parameters when scaling the processes between various species and predicting in vivo processes based on in vitro assays such as hepatic clearance or CYP-inhibition potential.

Our services cover evaluation of physicochemical parameters in buffers or in biorelevant media, as well as evaluation of unbound fraction in biological matrices essential for ADME properties.