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Our services for Quantitative Bioanalysis research

We offer quantitative bioanalytical services either as a part of complete in vivo DMPK packages, or after the delivery of samples by customer or their preferred in-life-partner. Modern state-of-the-art equipment including LC/MS/MS and LC/HR-MS systems are used for the studies, and chosen depending on the nature and need for each study. A variety of sample preparation techniques (SPE, ion exchange, LLE, SLE, protein precipitation) and different levels of method prequalification/validation can be applied, depending on the biological matrix, analyte properties, and your requirements. Analysis of radiolabeled compounds with UPLC-online-radio detection is also available.

In highly sensitive and selective UPLC/MS/MS –analysis, with a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, both the parent drug and its known metabolites can be analysed at the same time. If using UPLC/HR-MS, also unknown metabolites can be analysed from the same data together with the known target compounds, enabling also identification of the detected metabolites. With both approaches, semi-quantitative metabolite profile can be provided based on standard samples prepared for the parent compound.

For additional information please go to in vivo DMPK.