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Admescope Blog

HR-MS – when does it make a difference?

6 June 2017

In addition to knowledge and knowhow regarding the early phase ADME studies, also the analytical instrumentation applied plays a big role in their success. The importance of using liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry (LC/HR-MS) in drug discovery and preclinical phase ADME studies has been emphasized for few years, but when does it really make a difference? To elucidate the topic further, we interviewed an expert in the field, Dr Ari Tolonen.
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A day in the lab with two Admescope technicians

3 March 2017

We are both early birds, waking up around 6am. While the other starts the morning by taking the dog for a walk followed by a bike ride to work, the other one drives kids to daycare and then goes for ice swimming. Yep, it is winter time in Finland
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2016 - An excellent year for Admescope

27 January 2017

As the year has changed, it is time to wrap up the previous one. 2016 was one more excellent year for Admescope. During the busiest time in our history so far, we did continue our growth, increasing revenue with about 30% from the previous year, and gaining almost 30 new customers, as well as customers from new countries.
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Getting ready for Christmas

21 December 2016

It is noticeably great that we have a committed and talented team, who has been working hard during the last, rather busy, months of 2016. Among the other duties we have managed to build a new laboratory and it will be in use at the start of 2017. Not only has the staff put in excellent effort but also the board, who was awarded with the “Kultainen Nuija” -prize for its outstanding work in steering the growth of the company.
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PBPK – what it is for?

13 December 2016

In addition to lab work also various modeling tools have developed rapidly in the last decade to support drug discovery and development. One interesting modeling tool is PBPK, physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling. To elucidate the topic further we interviewed an expert in the field, Dr Aki Heikkinen.
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