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Admescope Blog

Protein quantification with mass spectrometry

3 May 2019

The development of analytical techniques has enabled applying mass spectrometry methods also for protein quantification from biological samples. The use of LC/MS brings in more analytical potential due to its versatility and accuracy and hence, its importance as an analytical tool for protein characterisation is increasing. If not being familiar with the topic, it may be interesting to have a peek how proteins are quantified from biological matrixes with LC/MS.
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Tags: , Biologics

Biologics vs small molecule drugs – what’s the difference?

19 November 2018

Biologics-based drugs have been increasing their market share over the last decade and the number of companies working with biologics keeps on growing. Last year, 17 new biologics-based drugs were approved by FDA, being the highest yearly approved number of biologics so far. The advances in biotechnology and analytical techniques have facilitated the development in the field, and will most likely continue doing so in the future.
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Tags: , Biologics