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Behind the scenes of our next video

5 August 2016

We recently had an exciting day filming our next marketing video, with an authentic setting in our own labs with our own staff members. So, we wanted to give you an authentic view on our daily work and to literally take you for a peek behind the scenes of the shooting session.

Our previous company video focused on a general impression on what we offer for our customers (if you haven’t already seen it, please check it out on youtube), and now with our next video we decided to focus on one of our key competence areas; metabolism services. Metabolic stability, metabolite profiling and metabolite identification are just some of the in vitro metabolism services we provide, and in this upcoming video we provide an overview to the whole service offering.

Picture showing a person working with a multichannel pipetting machine Juha was preparing mRNA-samples for qPCR analysis of CYP induction study, using semiautomatic 96-pipet. Some fold-inductions to be delivered soon!

Elina operating a liquid handling robot for liver microsomal in vitro clearance assay, the collected samples soon to enter the autosampler of one one of our UPLC/Q-Exactive orbitrap-MS-systems shown in the background. Picture showing a person operating a liquid handling robot

Picture showing two people sitting at a desk, discussing In this scene Janne and Juho walked through results together, discussing the way forward based on the observed ADME properties.

We will launch our new video soon, and we will definitely be announcing it in all of our social media channels. So if you haven’t done so already, please follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to stay tuned!

Written by Minna Komu & Juho Alatalo