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Launching Admescope blog

28 June 2016

Three months ago, our dear company Admescope turned five years. It has been quite a hectic ride from the initial group of four, towards the current team with more than twenty members (and more to come later this year).

While celebrating the anniversary in a semi-formal but relaxed gala-dinner in a cabinet of great local restaurant, there were lots of things to look back from the first years; two facilities behind us, arrivals of new instruments, the most crucial deals, evolvement of business, customers from new countries & continents, new service areas, development of our visual identity, all new team members, and of course highlights from the staff parties and team-spirit / recreation days. There were also intriguing questions asked; from where did we borrow inspiration for our logo, and what role did a certain famous Finnish cut brandy and a snow-hidden bottle of a red domestic bitter have in the moments of our history?

Now, after half a decade of hard work behind us, we are looking firmly forward, and we are enthusiastic to bring more new things for our satisfied customers. This blog started here is just a first of those, with an aim to update our web-site visitors with some personal thoughts concerning the world of ADMET research and the trends involved in it, along with some brief views of the daily life here at Admescope. I hope we can also introduce more of our fantastic team members to you via this section of our pages. It is really the people who make the difference; we have been enormously happy to find the crew with a razor-sharp scientific expertise and laid-back humor to create such a successful atmosphere and working environment. We are committed to serve our customers with a top-quality research and flexible collaboration, as well as our internal R&D program to broaden and deepen the portfolio of available services. As the latest example, we are proud to introduce the recently started in-life work for rodent studies, now delivering the mouse and rat PK-met id studies completely in-house. More news from the new developments will follow later this year.

The first half of the year 2016 has been busier than ever at Admescope, and we are again taking a major step forward during this year, with respect to our capacity and service portfolio, and also in building further the company organization and quality system. Our aim is to continue strong growth, i.e. double our headcount and key figures during the next couple of years, and be a reliable service provider – in quality and capacity - for the pharma industry. This will mean yet more work, tens of trips around the world on roadshows, congresses and other events, hundreds of study plans and reports, thousands of pipetted and processed well plates, millions of Euros invested for laboratory infrastructure, and billions of ions detected every day by our high-quality LC/MS instrumentation. This is what we do from day to day - with a genuine enthusiasm to help and guide you through success in your preclinical ADME-tox research.

Written by Ari Tolonen