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2017 – Hard work and good times

17 January 2018

The twelve months of the year 2017 rushed through like Usain Bolt, faster than ever and celebrating with hands in the air on the way. Or in other words, it was a very nice year for Admescope, being the strongest period in our history, with 20% increase in revenue and tens of new satisfied customers.

From the perspective of our capacity and infrastructure; we opened a new lab, recruited several new team members, invested in new LC/MS systems and liquid handling robotics to further increase our capacity, and finished building our new quality management system. So now we rock even harder!

With the power of new instrumentation, the R&D program for new services did continue actively. In the forefront was the work to deepen our expertise in rodent in vivo work for pharmacokinetics and metabolism, e.g using microsampling, and to increase our services for peptide-based drugs, e.g. by optimising various models for metabolism and plasma protein binding studies. However, lots of research was performed in other areas as well, such as validating a broader portfolio of assays for efflux transporter (Pgp, BCRP, BSEP) inhibition, and comparing new models for skin metabolism studies.

Also in our marketing and branding activities our mission was to boldly go where no Oulu-based ADME-tox CRO has gone before. As a result of vigorous writing, styling and formatting of lay-outs, we published three e-books to guide our readers to the world of in vitro metabolism, drug-drug-interactions, and in vitro toxicology. To our joy, these have turned out to be very popular. And as a hot tip for the near future, the fourth e-book is to be released soon, and yet one more later on, so stay tuned! Another giant leap from the same perspective was the set of our first “ADME after work” events that we arranged for the first time in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Munich, to highlight and discuss our latest progress in CYP DDI-prediction. Thanks a lot for all you participants for interesting questions and discussions, not to forget the good food as well!

Alongside with the hard work, and laughs over the coffee table, we did find some time also for having fun outside the premises. The relaxing team-building days included cooking, sauna, hot baths, a visit to the local science museum, and finally a breath-taking climb through the rope- and wire-made tracks high up on trees – which was bit a more scary than all of us wanted to admit and surely sporty and physical enough to have a good sweat. After that it was once more time for sauna and refreshments, of course.

For the year just started, we have some new tricks up our sleeves, and we are eagerly waiting for the right time to release the news about those. There will be new labs opened, new team members joining, new services to present, and some other exciting news to tell. During the first hectic days of the year, we already got the first new team member (cheers to Ari number 2) and the transition towards the new year has been smooth.

Admescope wishes you all the best for the year 2018. Again, we are looking forward to meeting you during our roadshows, events, and conferences!

Written by Ari Tolonen