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CYP Induction Screen using HepaRG cells now available!

1 October 2012

In addition to our earlier assays to evaluate induction towards CYP enzymes (nuclear receptor activation package "inductNRact", and a comprehensive "inductprofile" utilizing cryohepatocytes from 3 donors and both CYP-activity and mRNA level endpoints), we are introducing a new service package for the early evaluation of CYP-induction.

Inductscreen is for a cost effective early-phase screen of induction potential for a high number of compounds at the same time, and utilizes induction of CYP mRNA levels in HepaRG™ cells, i.e. terminally differentiated hepatic cells derived from human liver progenitor cells, showing high P450 activity and complete expression of all nuclear receptors. The advantage of HepaRG™ cells is a high reproducibility between different runs, as the cell material is not affected by variation between the donors, like the normal hepatocytes. The mRNA-levels after exposure phase are analyzed using modern TRAC – technology, enabling simultaneous monitoring of not only CYP-genes, but also selected phase II metabolism, transporter, hepatotoxicity and reference gene levels as well.