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High-quality ADME services adapted to HTS condition

3 October 2013

When there is increasing numbers of compounds in the drug discovery projects, there is also a great need for cost-efficient ADME assays in high throughput format. In addition to high-quality tailor-made ADME services, admescope is capable of performing wide variety of ADME assays also in HTS format.

admescope has adapted the assays to HTS format for

  • Metabolic stability
  • CYP-inhibition screening
  • CYP-induction screening with HepaRG™ cells
  • Permeability assays (Caco2 and MDCK)Basic property characterization; plasma protein binding, unbound fraction in brain and intestinal absorption using TRANSIL® assays
  • Toxicity screening; cytotoxicity, cardiotoxicity and genotoxicity

The sample preparation for HTS-ADME services is performed with Beckman Coulter’s Biomek NX laboratory automation workstation. High throughput approach sets also high requirements for analytical instrumentation; we are using Waters Acquity UPLC-systems with MS/MS detection for these assays, including Xevo TQ-S triple quadrupole mass spectrometer that delivers the highest detection sensitivity and robustness available in the market.

Furthermore both study conditions and the data reporting format can be adapted to match your preferences!