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Various possibilities for quantitative bioanalysis - which one is your favorite?

3 June 2013

We can provide our customers with alternative analytical approaches for quantitative bioanalytics. Tell us your priorities and we will provide you with the right technology!

If your priority is the lowest detection limits and robustness available in the market, then your choice would be the newest triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS. Our recently installed Waters Xevo TQ-S triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with Acquity UPLC-system provides amazing performance!

The importance of high resolution mass spectrometers for quantitative bioanalysis in drug discovery projects has been lately emphasized. The use of HR-MS enables the detection of all drug-related compounds in one single analytical run only. To detect all that is in your sample, your choice would be our high resolution Q-TOF-MS. The beauty of this technology is that to begin with you might only be interested in the parent compound, but if later on you would like to know the formed metabolites also, no new labwork is needed – the existing data just needs to be processed.

The third option for quantitative bioanalysis with admescope is using our online radiation detection with UPLC. We are accredited to conduct experiments with 14C and 3H radiolabels, to provide fully quantitative metabolite profile