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BOS 2014 – Early safety screening by Admescope

2 October 2014

Recently at Biotech Outsourcing Strategies 2014 partnering event, Admescope had an opportunity to give a presentation about “Early safety screening assays as part of drug discovery”. The presentation highlighted the importance of conducting the assays early on to avoid unexpected results in later stages of the program.

Admescope has established assays for hepatotoxicity, cardiotoxicity and genotoxicity screening. All these services have medium to high throughput and short turn-around times, being ideal tools for drug discovery. The obtained information can be utilized for selecting the chemical series without inherent safety issues already as part of the hit-to-lead process or for designing out risk factors as part of lead optimization.
For your convenience the slides are available via BOS 2014. You can also contact us for more information.