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Microsampling for PK studies, now available from Admescope

14 December 2016

In September Admescope announced the launch of new animal facilities for rodents, enabling us to deliver complete DMPK service packages fully in-house. Now it is our pleasure to inform you that we have expanded our capabilities to include also Mitra microsampling for PK studies. In Mitra microsampling, only a small volume of blood is accurately collected at each time point into an absorptive matrix. The method can be especially useful in mouse PK studies, where several time-points can be obtained from a single animal. The method is also applicable to for example long term rat studies. The beauty of the technology is a significant reduction in animal numbers, thus complying with the ethical guidelines. Furthermore, data quality is improved as there is less inter-animal variability. We have also evaluated the applicability of microsampling for metabolite identification and our Senior scientist Dr Janne Mannila covered this topic in his presentation at World Preclinical Congress Europe in Lisbon in November.

Got interested – contact Janne Mannila for more information!