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Press Release: Admescope launches new services to study drug transporters

2 February 2016

OULU, FINLAND – Admescope, a preclinical ADME-Tox Contract Research Organisation (CRO), has announced a launch of two new in vitro services. The new service additions, Uptakesubst and Uptakeinhib, are designed to investigate transporter-mediated drug-drug interactions (DDI) during drug development. These services cover all eight uptake transporters, which are either recommended or suggested to be investigated by regulatory authorities; US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Uptakesubst evaluates if the cellular uptake of the test compound is facilitated by solute carrier (SLC) transporters OATP1B1, OATP1B3, OAT1, OAT3 and OCT2, OCT1, MATE1 and MATE2, while Uptakeinhib reveals if the test compound possesses inhibitory potential towards them. The assays are conducted with human embryonic kidney (HEK293) cells, which are transfected with a single human transporter gene. The optimised and validated assays are utilising LC/MS/MS as an analytical tool.

“Drug transporters can have a major role in pharmacokinetic, safety and efficacy profiles of drugs, emphasising the importance to study the potential transporter-mediated DDI during drug development. At the moment the field is evolving rapidly and as our understanding on the contribution of transporters on drug disposition increases, the importance of drug transporter studies as a part of drug development programs is expected to increase” Comments Dr Aki Heikkinen, Head of Pharmacokinetics at Admescope.

Dr Ari Tolonen, CEO at Admescope, continues; “We are truly committed to building a strong ADME-Tox service portfolio. The new services enable us to serve our customers even more effectively, as they complement our already well established drug interaction assays.”

The press release can be viewed online here