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Admescope presented the latest CYP inhibition research in DDI Workshop

8 June 2017

In the end of May at 8th International Marbach Castle DDI Workshop Admescope presented a new research poster “High resolution mass spectrometry (HR-MS) with N-in one CYP IC50 shift TDI assay”. We invite you to download the poster from our website.

The poster will highlight the advantages that can be gained in CYP inhibition studies, when applying high resolution mass spectrometry (HR-MS) for the analysis instead of a traditional LC/MS/MS. Inhibitor decay during pre-incubation may bias the analysis of IC50 shift results in time dependent CYP inhibition assays and with traditional LC/MS/MS analysis, decay of the inhibitor during pre-incubation is either assumed negligible
or assessed separately. In this poster you will learn how applying UPLC/HR-MS analysis for CYP inhibition cocktail assay enables simultaneous, cost and time efficient monitoring of the test compound decay and CYP probe metabolite formation.

For your convenience more information about Admescope’s robust N-in-one CYP inhibition assay, delivering IC50 values towards 7 major CYP isoforms, can be found on our website. The service is also available with human hepatocytes.