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New ADME e-book is out: In vitro toxicology

1 December 2017

Admescope is excited to launch a third e-book In vitro toxicology, providing a great continuation to previously published In vitro metabolism and Drug-drug interactions e-books.

Drug-induced toxicity is one of the main reasons for drug attrition. Identifying the potential safety liablities at the early stages of drug discovery projects enables designing out the risk factors and thus increases the chances to avoid failures at a later stage.

In vitro toxicology e-book provides a comprehensive overview of early safety screenings. The main focus is on hepatotoxicity, cardiotoxicity and genotoxicity assays, but the e-book covers also other forms of toxicity, like immunogenicity, steatosis, phospholipidosis and cholestasis. Furthermore, the e-book will also shed a light on to exploratory toxicity models, like 3D and stem cell derived models.

Got interested? You can download the In vitro Toxicology e-book from our website.

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