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New CYP induction service: PXR activation screening

6 July 2018

Admescope continues to grow its drug-drug interaction service portfolio by launching a PXR nuclear receptor activation assay. The assay is simple and cost-effective making it an excellent choice for early CYP induction screening.

The assay utilises human hepatoma cells co-transfected with DNA-binding fusion protein containing human PXR ligand binding domain together with luciferase reporter construct. After 24 hours exposure to the study compound, the luciferase activities are measured and compared to control incubations to deliver fold activation.

For more information on the assay or our other CYP induction services, please visit our CYP induction services website. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive information package on drug-drug interactions, we recommend that you take a look at our e-book on the subject.

New team member

Dr Miia Kovalainen has just recently joined our Sales and Marketing team as a Business Development Scientist. Miia has a PhD in pharmacy and she has over ten years of experience in academic pharmaceutical research in Finland and Australia.

Welcome Miia!