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New year, new opportunities and new team members

29 January 2018

The year 2017 came to its conclusion about a month ago and what a year it was! Admescope kept growing as we opened a new lab, invested in new high-tech analytical equipment, and recruited new people. And of course, we also kept busy with our R&D projects which resulted, e.g. in establishing new services for peptides and expanding our services for transporter studies. Also, tons of other interesting things happened last year, but you can continue reading more about them from our latest blog.

All in all, last year was a very good year for Admescope and by the looks of it, 2018 is going to be at least as interesting. There is so much planned for the year already; roadshows, e-books, videos and new services to name a few. Might be that there will be a couple surprises too so stay tuned as more exciting news will follow! We wish you all the best for the year 2018!

Three new team members

To answer to the growing demand for our services and to boost our R&D department we have recruited three new team members: Dr Vesa Ruotsalainen, Ari Turpeinen MSc and Dr Waltteri Hosia.

Vesa has a PhD in biochemistry and prior to joining Admescope he worked at Orion Diagnostica as a R&D Project Manager.

Ari holds a Master’s degree in chemistry and prior to joining Admescope he worked as a QC Chemist at Fermion.

Waltteri has a PhD in medical biochemistry and will be joining us from his post as a LCMS Specialist at Agilent Technologies.

A warm welcome to Vesa, Ari and Waltteri!