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Admescope is an AAALAC International accredited organisation!

10 October 2019

The ethical treatment of animals in science has gained significant attention during the recent years. Admescope has always been committed to responsible treatment of laboratory animals. To demonstrate this, Admescope applied for an AAALAC International accreditation by submitting a detailed Program Description of Animal Care and Use at Admescope. AAALAC International is a private, non-profit organisation that promotes humane treatment of animals through a voluntary assessment and accreditation program.

The AAALAC International site visitors made a thorough evaluation in June 2019, considering all the related aspects and checking that all the applicable standards are followed. Following that, the Council on Accreditation made a final evaluation and decision in September 2019.
We are happy to earn this valuable accreditation and continue our high-quality In vivo DMPK research as a fully accredited organisation by AAALAC International!