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Admescope keeps on growing - new labs, analytical equipment and team members

28 January 2019

The year 2018 was full of momentous events for Admescope. Now the last year has been wrapped up successfully and we are heading well towards another exciting year!

One of the high points at Admescope in 2018 was the launch of services for Biologics. To respond to the growing demand especially for these services, more analytical laboratory facilities were built and a state-of-the-art bioanalytical equipment – Acquity UPLC-Vion IMS QTof was acquired. In addition to high resolution, this instrument uses ion mobility to increase the selectivity and confidence in identification of analytes. This equipment, with an excellent mass accuracy, resolution, sensitivity and an up to date data processing software, will be playing a lead role in many future projects in the lab! In addition to biologics, Vion IMS QTof is used as a tool in problem solving, e.g. in metID  of small molecules.

To further increase our research capacity, a brand new and larger cell lab was taken into use at the beginning of January. And not forgetting the well being of the staff! As the personnel of Admescope has been growing substantially it became current to establish more spacious staff room to enable refreshing lunch and coffee breaks.

New team member

Dr Jenna Jokkala will join our Sales and Marketing team as a Business Development Scientist. Jenna holds a PhD in biochemistry and she is just about to graduate as a MSc in pharmacy. Welcome Jenna!