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MetID and metabolite profiling with radiolabeled compounds!

11 November 2019

LC/MS-based analytical techniques are nowadays commonly applied for metabolite identification (MetID) of non-labeled compounds. However, radiolabeled compounds are needed to fully understand the total fate i.e. determine extent of absorption, elimination routes and clearance mechanisms, of the compound and its metabolites in the body, and to achieve fully quantitative metabolite profiles.

At Admescope, we support radiolabeled ADME studies by providing MetID and metabolite profiling. MetID and profiling can be performed for any circulatory or excretory samples, such as plasma, urine or feces from human or animal species, or samples from in vitro incubations. In addition, bile from bile-duct cannulated animals can be investigated. The in vivo samples are pooled and prepared for analysis and LC/HR-MS analysis is used with on-line (RAM) or off-line (Top-Count) radiodetection to determine the metabolite profiles. In addition, data can be used to establish MS response factors for certain metabolites of interest to support MIST evaluation, where human metabolites of concern are investigated for adequate exposure in the preclinical tox-species.

The MetID and profiling with radiolabeled compounds are performed using in vivo samples provided by the sponsor or using in-house produced samples. In addition, we are able to conduct PK and biodistribution studies in our own AAALAC accredited rodent laboratory using 14C or 3H labelled compounds. The biodistribution studies comprise collection of selected organs, homogenisation, solubilisation and radioactivity determinations.