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Admescope presented the latest Non-CYP Mediated Metabolism Research in DDI 2015

1 May 2015

Earlier this week at DDI 2015 Marbach Workshop, Admescope presented a new research poster “Assessment of Inhibition Potential Towards Non-CYP Mediated Metabolism in Vitro”. We invite you to download the poster from our website.

The inhibition studies of drug-metabolising CYP enzymes are considered as golden standard to study drug-drug interactions (DDI). However, lately the importance of non-CYP drug-metabolising enzymes and their role in drug elimination has been emphasised and thus there is a need to assess the potential risk for DDI. The goal of the presented work was to set up assays to assess the inhibition of various UGT, FMO, MAO and NAT enzymes in vitro. Furthermore we are currently working on corresponding services with AOX and CES enzymes, which will be launched soon.

For your convenience also the related newsletters from January “Non-CYP metabolism and phenotyping services” and February “Non-CYP inhibition services” can be can be accessed from our website.