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Basic property characterization with -20% discount in November

5 November 2012

Knowledge on the basic properties is highly important for planning and designing any in vitro ADME studies with high quality, i.e.  to confirm that the solubility in the test conditions is adequate and not leading to biased results etc. In addition the data is needed for extrapolating the in vitro results to in vivo situation.

Solubility & LogD We have modified the solubility assay method to minimize the sample consumption without compromising the data quality. In addition to DMSO-stock based kinetic solubility, we can offer thermodynamic solubility with the same, very low compound consumption.  Furthermore, the solubility study can be easily combined with logD-test, which is conducted with presaturated octanol:PBS system utilizing HPLC with UV-detection for analysis. Also simultaneous MS-detection can be used in the case of high lipophilicity.

Protein binding& permeation –The plasma or brain tissue protein binding can be measured either with ultrafiltration or rapid equilibrium dialysis (RED), to analyze the free, unbound fraction of the drug in blood circulation or brains available for interactions with the targets. RED utilizes dialysis inserts instead of centrifugation and shows very low non-specific binding, thus being most often preferred method for the protein binding analyses. All samples will be analyzed using non-generic LC/MS/MS to guarantee high quality data. Also the permeation to predict human in vivo intestinal absorption can be analyzed with admescope; the transport in one direction can be assessed in cacoscreen, and bi-directional transport in cacoprofilestudy.

Customization & Data interpretation – All the test & analyze conditions can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the study compounds. Basic property characterization pack also includes comprehensive study report with data interpretation beyond the numbers. We will also provide our experience and expertise to help you plan and design subsequent ADME studies.

Got interested? In November we offer the basic property characterization pack with 20% discount compared compared to list prices of individual studies.