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Bioanalytics with our new high-resolution Q-TOF-MS instrumentation

6 March 2012

Lately the requirement for high-resolution mass spectrometry (HR-MS) for quantitative bioanalysis has been highlighted and suggested to become the new gold standard for drug-discovery bioanalysis1,2. Use of HR-MS eliminates the need for compound or metabolite-specific selected reaction monitoring (SRM)-transitions and enables the detection of all drug-related compounds, as well as ionizable matrix components, that are in the sample with a single LC/MS analysis. In February we installed a new high-resolution Q-TOF-MS was installed in our lab, and this new instrumentation enables us to offer more data in less time when used for the bioanalytic services. As promotional offer you will get complimentary metabolite identification for bioanalysis services worth more than 4000Eur, when the orders are placed in during March. The metabolites are mined & identified from the very same HR-MS data used for quantification of the parent compound, either in plasma, urine or other tissue homogenate samples.