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Drug interactions video released and new services available

20 March 2018

Video release: Drug Interactions services

Admescope is proud to present a new video on one of our key competence areas; Drug Interactions services. Just as our two previous videos this video was also filmed in our facilities starring our own personnel to get the feel of conducting science just right. Please, spare a few minutes of your time and visit our website to check out the video.

For more information on our drug interactions services, please visit our services website. Also, for those interested in a more comprehensive information package on drug interactions, please download our e-book on the subject published last June.

New services available: Vesicular efflux transporter inhibition assays

Thanks to our diligent R&D efforts we are now able to provide vesicular efflux transporter inhibition assays in addition to our cell monolayer-based studies. The new assays utilise inside-out membrane vesicles prepared from mammalian cells stably expressing human efflux transporters and are ideal for screening purposes for their cost-effectiveness and short turn-around times. The assays are available for evaluating the inhibition potential towards three efflux transporters: P-gp (P-glycoprotein), BCRP (breast cancer resistance protein) and BSEP (bile salt export pump).

For more information, please visit our Transporters and permeability services website.