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High Throughput Screening for early ADME

2 May 2014

To meet the needs of drug discovery projects with increasing number of the compounds admescope provides ADME services also in HTS format. With the aid of liquid handling robots and superb instrumentation we are able to provide services cost-efficiently with fast turnaround times. High throughput approach sets also high requirements for analytical instrumentation and we are proud to be able to offer a variety of highest class LC/MS instrumentation for detection of these assays, including UPLC/UHPLC-type chromatographic systems with either high-resolution or triple quadrupole mass spectrometers with unbeatable performance. Furthermore everything can be customized - from study set-up to data reporting to match your preferences!

We have adapted the assays to HTS format for metabolic stability using liver microsomes, CYP inhibition screening with cocktail assay including 8 major CYP isoforms, CYP induction screening with HepaRG™ cells or nuclear receptor activation assays, permeability assays with Caco-2 or MDCK cells and basic property characterization; plasma protein binding, unbound fraction in the brain and intestinal absorption using TRANSIL® assays. In addition also in vitro toxicity screening for cytotoxicity, cardiotoxicity and genotoxicity is available in HTS format.