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New ADME e-book is out: Drug-drug interactions

21 June 2017

Admescope is proud to reveal a new e-book: Drug-drug interactions. This e-book belongs to our e-book series launched earlier in spring, when In vitro metabolism e-book was published.

The second e-book focuses on drug-drug interactions. Changes in the activities of drug-metabolizing enzymes, either by their inhibition or induction, may have severe effects on the pharmacokinetics and, consequently, the pharmacologic effects of drug compounds. Therefore evaluation of the CYP interaction potential, either by inhibition or induction, is recommended in the early phase of drug development. This e-book will give you a comprehensive overview of inhibition and induction studies. In addition it will introduce you to in vitro - in vivo extrapolation of the results by using basic models, static mechanistic models or dynamic mechanistic models.