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New analytical instrumentation – new level of performance

17 March 2014

We are proud to inform you that two new mass spectrometers; Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive™ Orbitrap with Thermo Ultimate 3000 UHPLC and Thermo TSQ Endura triple quadrupole with Waters Aquity UPLC, were installed in February.

Q-Exactive™ Orbitrap is a perfect tool for metabolite profiling and identification being suitable both for small molecules as well as biologics. It delivers excellent dynamic range and spectacular specificity resulting from high resolution and high mass accuracy, thus further improving the data quality, whereas the second new equipment TSQ Endura™ triple quadrupole brings additional capacity and throughput to our quantitative bioanalysis work.

Altogether our capabilities in quantitative bioanalysis are extremely versatile, from very low detection limits achieved with triple quadrupole instruments, to unbeatable value of high resolution Orbitrap and Q-TOF-MS instruments in metabolism studies. Remember also the growing trend in the use of these high-resolution mass spectrometers in quantitative PK-bioanalysis; no need for new labwork or analyses, but the existing data can just be re-processed to elucidate metabolite structures and metabolite profiles. Yet, also online radiation detection with UPLC is available.