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New animal facilities enabling faster turn-around times for rodent PK studies

8 September 2016

We are pleased to announce that Admescope has opened a new animal facility for rodents. The new animal facility, housing mice and rats, enables us to deliver complete DMPK service packages fully in-house resulting in faster turn-around times than before. The facilities are accredited by Finnish authorities, and this accreditation allows us to offer rodent in vivo -studies in-house to all our customers around the world.

With the combination of the new facility, recruitment of experienced scientists and excellent bioanalytical capabilities, we can provide high data quality and studies tailor-made to your needs. The use of high resolution mass spectrometry for bioanalysis enables us to utilize the same data not only for pharmacokinetic calculations but also for metabolite profiling and identification.

To support this we recently increased our capacity with one more UPLC/QE Orbitrap-MS systems.

You can learn more about our in vivo DMPK services from service website, including PK studies with larger laboratory animals, which are delivered with partner companies.

In vivo PK studies with Admescope