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New service for Biologics: Biomolecular interactions

23 April 2019

Admescope’s service portfolio for Biologics research grows by addition of methods for investigating biomolecular interactions! Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and bio-layer interferometry (BLI) are label-free measurement technologies, where a ligand is bound to solid phase and the binding of the analyte is detected. These techniques allow real-time measurement of the binding kinetics in addition to determining affinity at equilibrium.

The biomolecular interaction services include investigations of protein-protein, antibody-antigen and Fc-related interactions using SPR or BLI. Antibody-antigen interactions are important for the antibody specificity. Binding of the Fc-domain of antibodies to neonatal FcRn plays a role in determining the long half-life of antibodies, whereas binding to FcƴR is necessary for antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. For investigating FcRn and FcƴR interactions various preclinical species and several human receptors are available, respectively. Please visit the webpage of our Biologics services for more information.

Admescope’s current services for biologics are:

- Protein MW and structural characterisation (LC/MS)
- Peptide mapping and detection of post-translational modifications (LC/MS)
- Quantification with LC/MS and/or ELISA
- Protein pharmacokinetics
- Biomolecular interactions

More services to support the development of biologic drugs will be introduced soon!