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Press release: Admescope opens new animal facilities (for rodents)

8 September 2016

OULU, FINLAND -  Admescope, a preclinical ADME-Tox Contract Research Organisation (CRO), has announced the launch of a new animal facility for rodents. The new facility that has been accredited by Finnish authorities, enables Admescope to deliver rodent pharmacokinetic studies with high data quality, tailor-made to meet customers’ needs.

Dr Ari Tolonen, CEO at Admescope says: “An in-house animal facility is a great addition to our resources. We have been working hard to build a strong and comprehensive ADME-Tox service portfolio, and we are truly committed to continue developing new services for the benefit of our customers.”

Admescope’s capabilities for quantitative bioanalysis of pharmacokinetic studies are versatile. When very low detection limits are needed, these can be achieved with triple quadrupole instruments, whereas the usage of high resolution mass spectrometers enables elucidation of metabolite profiles and metabolite structures from the same data that was acquired for the pharmacokinetic calculations.

“Typically in a pharmacokinetic study customers are first interested in the behaviour of the parent compound. The benefit of working with Admescope is that by utilizing our vast experience in high resolution mass spectrometers, the study can be extended to cover also metabolite profiling and identification any time later on without a need for new animal work. This can significantly reduce the turnaround time and furthermore bring huge cost savings to our customers.” Comments Dr Janne Mannila, Senior Scientist Permeability and in vivo DMPK at Admescope.