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The launch of ADME e-book series

26 April 2017

Admescope is excited to launch an ADME-Tox e-book series. Altogether there will be 5 e-books: Drug metabolism, Drug interactions, Permeation & Transporters, In vivo DMPK & bioanalysis and Tox screening. The e-books, written by our senior scientists, provide an integrated view of essential ADME topics in drug discovery.

The first e-book focuses on in vitro metabolism. You will learn the basic concept of metabolic stability / in vitro clearance studies and how the data can further be used to predict in vivo kinetics. Metabolite profiling and identification topic is also covered and the effect of analytical approaches and instrumentation is further discussed. Last but not least an overview on chemically reactive metabolites is given.

Got interested? Your personal complimentary copy can be downloaded on our website via this link.